Affordable and effective diagnostic mouthpieces

machined from stainless steel for a lifetime of use.

What Others Are Saying about MKS Cutaway Mouthpieces. . .


"I have  been using cutaway mouthpieces with students for over 35 years.  They are an absolutely invaluable tool in training muscle strength, endurance and muscle memory, three of the most important  challenges in physical control of brass instruments.  Use of cutaways is far superior to embouchure visualizers because it allows the player to  work on embouchure development in playing position on the instrument,  thus allowing for the correction of instrument  position/angle that interferes with tone quality/flexibility.  In the past this has always meant one of two things; either having the student order a custom cutaway for a very high price, or I would make them a cutaway with a bench grinder. The MKS cutaway solves this beautifully. It is very reasonably priced and is beautifully made. The availability of  different rim sizes and shanks make the MKS cutaway a great solution.  I  will be having my students use them from this  point forward.  My sincerest thanks to MKS."

Elliot Chasanov, Professor of Trombone and Chair of Brass Studies 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The MKS Cutaway Mouthpiece is an excellent tool for  trombonists of all abilities.  It combines the usefulness of mouthpiece  buzzing and free buzzing, with the added bonus of being able to have the  Cutaway Mouthpiece in the instrument.  This  means the mouthpiece angle and buzz are exactly as they are when  playing, making it a valuable diagnostic tool and a great bridge between  buzzing and playing.  I highly recommend this wonderful product!

Megumi Kanda, Principal Trombone, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

 "The MKS Cutaway Mouthpiece can assist students and professionals by improving tone as trombonists develop their buzz on the cutaway.  The MKS Cutaway Mouthpiece can also be used as a diagnostic tool, showing the ranges or specific areas the players are having issues with embouchure development, aperture size, jaw placement, and air/wind stream issues.  The cutaway system distinctively shows the player all of the issues and  allows a fix to be developed quickly." 

Dr. Benjamin Yates,  Assistant Professor of Trombone and Low Brass, University of Louisiana at Lafayette    

Video Review by Keith Hilson

Trombone Shop Manager at Schmitt Music 

Brooklyn Center, MN


"I  have been using the MKS Cutaway Mouthpieces with my students and with my own practicing for about two months now and I absolutely love it!  They are such a valuable tool for working on tone, air support, embouchure  strength, and intonation.  Not to mention how great it is to be able to  see my students' aperture and for them to see mine.  This is now a required item for anyone in my studio along with a tuner and a  metronome.  I firmly believe this is a 'must have' item for any serious trombone player." 

Dr. Arthur Haecker, Visiting Professor of Trombone, St. Olaf College 

"The MKS cutaway mouthpiece is a wonderful tool for the music educator and musician.  It has allowed me personally to work on a focused buzz production while still holding my instrument.  The pitch created by buzzing is amplified and supports the tone production.  As an educator, I love that I can change the angle and see exactly what a student's embouchure looks like.  No more trying to explain what is happening because I can visually identify the issues."

Robert Coe, Head Director of Bands, Onalaska High School, Onalaska, WI